What is a Vector art file anyway?

Vector Art Files and Raster Art Files… What is the difference?

Explanation of vector and raster image difference how do I make a vector logo

VECTOR ARTWORK is composed of mechanical drawings that can be re-sized at will and maintains PERFECT resolution. The paths, points and curves used to create these files will recalculate as the image is sized. On the other hand… 

RASTER IMAGES are composed entirely of pixels and whatever size the pixel is... it always remains the same... so when the image is enlarged, the pixel just gets bigger, quality is reduced and the pixels become more and more evident. We hope this illustration helps in understanding. 

This is why in most cases, you can't take an image from a simple Google search and have good results in print. Most images obtained this way will look severely "pixelated" in print and you won't be happy with the quality.

If you need help with a file, please give us a call. We can help you convert your art file or photo image file into the proper format for use on the web or in print :)