tower media link to crimshield preferred vendor

David Pickron – President, CrimShield Inc.

The creative team at Tactix Creative and Tower Media have been handling all of our branding, marketing, websites and anything that requires graphics. I’ve even turned over all of our copy writing to them. It’s great to know I can pick up the phone or shoot an email over to them and the project just gets handled. They are like a virtual in-house marketing team for me.

tower media group preferred vendor link Rainforest Plumbing and Air

Ike Tippetts – President, Rainforest Plumbing & Air
After many years handling my marketing and graphics in-house, I realized we needed a brand make-over. I’m glad I found Tactix Creative  and Tower Media Group and turned everything over to them. We now have one of the most recognized plumbing and air brands in town… and I spend my time running my business.

Cornerstone property services is a tower media group preferred vendor

Zack Allen - Partner, Cornerstone Property Management
I just wanted to let you and your team know how happy we are with our new logo and branding. Not everyone on our staff was ready to make a change, but we just couldn’t be happier. I can’t remember anyone ever commenting on our logo before, and now we get compliments all the time! Thanks guys! I'll be telling everyone about Tactix and Tower!

Tower Media Group preferred security and home theater vendor

Dan Lavender – Owner, Foresight Systems
When we first starting working with Tower Media and Tactix Creative, I thought some of their ideas were a little out there. Now after almost ten years, our brand is a fresh looking as it was when we created it. One look at any of our marketing and you know exactly who we are. I just wanted to thank you guys for over ten great years of great design.

Tower Media Group preferred landscaping vendor

Scott Needham – President, ProQual Landscaping
Wow, my brand has come a long way since I started using Tower Media and Tactix Creative for my marketing needs. The illustrations they created for me say so much more than any picture ever could. These illustrations have literally become “who we are” as a brand. We still get compliments on our branding and marketing materials all the time.

Tower Media Group preferred vendor link elderly care

Heather Frenette – Owner, Desert Care Management
We’ve been using Tower Media Group for over ten years now and we couldn’t be happier. Their team is always helpful and responsive to our needs. I love working with a firm that can handle everything I need for marketing. I use them for my printing, my promo gifts, my website… everything. It’s so convenient!

Tower Media Group preferred vendor CPA firm

Paul Hansen – Managing Partner, Butler Hansen CPA
CPA firms aren’t know for their branding in most cases, but we wanted to be different. We took a chance and stepped out of the typical “Accountant’s” box and it really paid off for us. Looking back now, creating our new logo and branding is one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! Tactix Creative did a great job on our branding and Tower Media is so easy to work with when we need printed materials.

Tower Media Group preferred EDM machining vendor link

Joe Jackson – President, EDM Express
When we started working with Tactix Creative and Tower Media Group, we weren’t even thinking about re-branding our company, we just wanted to upgrade our website. But when we saw what they were doing for other local businesses, we decided to pull the trigger on a whole new business identity package. Looking back, I am so glad we did. I feel like we have one of the best brands in our industry now… and our website is simple, clean and just what we wanted.

Thomas Tenkley - General Manager, Joe Filter

Creating an identity and messaging for a completely new product or service is no easy task to say the least. Tactix Creative and Tower Media Group have been with us every step of the way. They make us look good, sound good and keep our brand shiny and fresh. We are growing every day and look forward to a long relationship with the Tower marketing team! -